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Audits & Returning Funds

Any entity wishing to return money received from one of the Business Relief Program funds should log in to their account, navigate to the relevant business profile then click on the “Voluntary Returns” tab and follow the steps outlined. Returning complete funds will remove you from the third-party audit list and you will not need to provide any supporting documentation. WY COVID Relief Fund reporting must be completed by tomorrow, December 15th 2020. All funds that have not been spent must be returned to the state no later than December 18th 2020.

If you return partial funds, please provide an explanation regarding the partial fund calculation. The State Auditor’s Office will issue updated 2020 1099 Forms that can be used for tax purposes for anyone returning funds in a timely manner.

Learn more and access your BRP Account at

And as always if you have questions or need assistance with your emergency funding responsibilities please reach out to the Handle It team, 833-202-7676

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