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Developing Accounting Solutions and Systems

Handle It was hired by a large contractor with 34 Employees. The client needed a better system to track employee time for both payroll and for their own client billing. Learn how our systems helped reduce processing times by 95% and reduce client billing errors. 

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Using Profit & Loss Statements to Improve a Manufacture's Profit Margin

A small manufacturer hired Handle It to help the business make more money. Should they sell more products or increase profit margins through more cost-effective production or cheaper raw materials? 

House Construction

Helping a NonProfit Thrive with Simplified Accounting Systems

Handle It helped a large nonprofit organization get back on track by cleaning up and bringing current their financial records. Handle It implemented easy to manage accounting and bookkeeping processes to keep the nonprofit  up to date.

House Construction

Helping a Serial Entrepreneur Get Organized

Entrepreneurs often have vision and passion for their ideas and businesses. However, managing the day to day financials can be a challenge. Learn how Handle It helped an entrepreneur get their financials together to file federal and state taxes. 

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